Dropbox drops New Dropbox Pro

Dropbox is the best cloud backup service, that’ve we’ve happily been using for years. First off, Dropbox just works for everyone. Dropbox Pro which is the paid version, is one of our main “toolkit” products in the studio. We love the fact that Dropbox Pro syncs our files, and backs them up to the cloud – Now with the latest upgrade, you get 1TB of space for only $10/mo!

And because price isn’t everything, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite features of Dropbox Pro. Look below, and Version History keeps backups of your actual files – this is something that Google Drive didn’t have back when we used it. File deleted on your computer, retrieve it from Dropbox Pro. The security of uploads is a must, and the Camera Upload feature? Welcome to your new photo library, also synced with the cloud, automatically from any phone, image disk, it’s actually really good! And now that Dropbox Pro is 1TB, you can store millions of photos – So do yourself a favor and buy the year for $100. Then install on every device you own!

Dropbox Pro Pricing

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