Why do restaurants have horrible websites?

Farhad Manjoo at Slate put together a great article on restaurant websites, and their lack of meeting customer’s needs. Essentially, restaurants want to entertain and entice the customer – but are missing the critical needs of the customer. What’s on the menu, how pricey is it, what’s the atmosphere? This can all be shown without extensive flash animations and over-complicated design. Read More

Trending – Create movement in logo designs.

You’ve likely noticed that many fast-food chains have rebranded or recreated their logo. In fact, in Southern California I had no idea many of the antiquated logos were still around – until a trip to visit family on the East Coast where I saw many chains still had the old logos up, and you really notice the difference of the new branding. New, brighter colors, more exciting artwork, and of course the slanted look. They all have a slant, which gives a feeling of movement, which is always the goal of fast-food.

The blunt truth, from across the pond.

Working as a designer for over a decade, you get to work with all different types of clients. While each experience is different, many share some ill-attributes. Overly-controlling, insistant on their input, and honestly design-inhibiting. Which means only a select few get the best out of their designer. Continue reading The blunt truth, from across the pond.