Adobe brings 3D Printing to Photoshop

We’re getting closer to the world of 3D Printing! The latest update from Adobe gives us more capabilities in Photoshop CC for 3D printing design and application – as printers from MakerBot and others become more affordable and mainstream.

Not only that, but if you don’t have a 3D printer, Adobe has made it easy to use SketchFab and other online solutions to share your printable models – so you can order your 3D printed objects from vendors.

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New York pushes for Calorie Content Labels with a Twist

Label Design with Exercise to Calorie Rating

New York is proposing a new food label campaign – that displays how much exercise you’d need to work of that many calories. Just one bottle of soda or juice can equal 50 minutes of running or other cardio to burn off the fatty calories from sugar – but what we’re interested in is the physical nature of the campaign. The design! The execution!

The campaign so far has featured posters showing a map of the 3 miles you’d have to walk to burn off 20-onces of soda – from Union Square in Manhattan to Brooklyn – In the NYC Subway System.

We love this change, as the focus on what’s in our food becomes more clear, eating healthy is also easier when the facts are presented to everyone.

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